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SINÉAD brooch

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Closely related to the ARVO earrings, the SINÉAD brooch combines a playful line of silver with two abstract pieces of horn. The DREW brooch is best suited to be worn through an open weave or knit item.

The material:

The SINÉAD brooch is handmade from organically textured recycled silver and horn - an ethically sourced byproduct of the leather industry. 

Horn is a natural material, with varying patterns and colours, and therefore the finished earrings may look different from the images pictured. We currently have darker horn available - to discuss the colour ways for your piece, please email


Delivery time:

The SINÉAD brooch is handmade to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for them to be made by us and delivered.

The brooch weighs approximately 20g.